Our mission is to create value by offering cutting-edge yet affordable document management services, and to deliver them reliably, and with fine-grain precision.We believes in

life-long learning

next-level innovation

delivering within deadlines

transparency and openness

constantly evolving

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First Floor, Tower II, The Mirage, Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya



Career Iconsefficiency


We work towards finding simple solutions for complicated problems.

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We know that your precious time is best spent working on improving your product, not on its logistics.

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We like things smoother and faster, because every extra second spent is a second wasted.

Make a difference

Softage is an ongoing effort to revolutionize the documentation industry as it stands. Every code you write translates into a less tedious day for hundreds of employees over the country.

Be the hero

Everyday at Softage is bring your innovation to work day. Engage with us in building practical, sustainable products and touch lives on a day to day basis.

A family at Softage

Unlike a big company, we pride at being a group of passionate individuals devoted to changing the world as we see it. Our team makes us strong and this unity results in better products that help countless lives.

Embrace the Mission

Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. Simplicity is elegant.

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