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Document Management System

SoftAge offers one window solution in document management industry from document collection, verification, scanning, data entry, retrieval and document warehousing.. We custom-design the process for each client that we work with. The process is frame worked by SoftAge and evolves over time to increase efficiency, security and reduced costs. Our expertise lies in the ability to create such processes to handle gigantic number of documents.


No. of documents Stored

No. of documents Retrieved

1.5 Billion+ Documents Processed

135TB+ Data Processed

Our Services

Document Collection

We Offer a service which you can trust. Our network of professional agents caters every nook and corner of Africa and is efficient enough to visit your customers and complete the dedicated task on your behalf.

With a rapid face-to-face interaction on your behalf, we aim to make significant impact to your conversion rates. Our complete document data collection services include service customization to client’s specific needs which helps your business deliver better performance. In short, we make document collection, a simple and efficient process for you

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Document verification2
Document Verification

Data entry and verification helps you how to identify, examine, interpret and evaluate a variety of data on your documents, enabling you to make the correct decisions quickly and effectively. Verification is the need of the day as it authenticates and proves the authenticity of data.

The verification service is an extra security measure that could substantially reduce the number of disputed transactions one has to deal with.

Document Processing

We offer our clients with highly accurate and unique Data Entry and Data Scanning Services. Data Entry and Data Scanning involves all the steps that are required to convert unstructured data, usually in physical formats into structured electronic format.We have an experienced team of IT and business analysts who will analyze your Data Scanning requirements and provide you with a cost and time effective solution.Whether it is a one-time project or a regular project, we can help you with a broad range of Data Scanning Services. We have the capability to key-in extensive amounts of data and bring it to you in any format that you desire.

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document scanning4
Document Scanning

We provide image processing for almost any type of paper to any image format possible. We are equipped to handle all of your paper to image conversion requirements.

Whether you require that your documents are scanned and transferred to disk or you are looking to have them converted to .PDF or TIFF format, SoftAge Adept employs a variety of image processing techniques and equipment to provide you with quality images from the smallest receipts to large blueprints and maps.

We utilize the latest technology in high-speed document scanners. Scanning is done with flatbed scanners with ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). We have also designed superior software that enhances our scanning efficiency and quality.

During the process, an experienced scanner technician interactively monitors and adjusts the scanning parameters for the best image capture possible.

Document Storage

Our Document Storage provision offers a complete, cost-effective, and competitive solution to your business document storage needs. Whether your goal is physical storage or online digital storage, your files, boxes, confidential records, tapes and other media will be organized, digitally indexed, and managed for easy retrieval at our secure facilities. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service using the latest in technology, to meet the Document Management, Digitisation, Archival, Retrieval and confidential needs of your organization.

At SoftAge Adept, both our physical and digital storage facilities are innovative and we continue to ensure we have the latest technology to assist our customers with all Document Management requirements for many years to follow.

You can retrieve your documents anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even under the most severe of circumstances. Your records will be safe, protected, efficiently managed, and stored with respect and care.

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Document Retrieval2
Document Retrieval

Our Document Management process helps you search through thousands, even millions of documents quickly and instantly to find the required document in just a few seconds. Indexing of keywords and of every word in the document allows users to quickly sort large volumes of data to find the right document in the shortest time span. Our Data Scanning techniques have made possible, the quick, selective retrieval of large amounts of information for government, commercial, and academic purposes. Access to these documents can be done from any PC using any standard browser. The entire Document Management process has strong software support to back up our services.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Process of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database. Used mainly in databases, the term refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant, etc. parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting this dirty data or coarse data. Data cleansing may be performed interactively with data wrangling tools, or as batch processing through scripting.

Data cleansing solutions will clean data by cross checking with a validated data set. Also data enhancement, where data is made more complete by adding related information, is a common data cleansing practice. For example, appending addresses with phone numbers related to that address.

Data cleansing may also involve activities like, harmonization of data, and standardization of data. For example, harmonization of short codes (st, rd, etc.) to actual words (street, road, etc.). Standardization of data is a means of changing a reference data set to a new standard, ex, use of standard codes.


Managed With Loop

Loop allows us to efficiently manage our field employees, with real time job delegations and advanced monitoring. A mobile application tracks field employees and their locations and reports all field statuses in a reliable centralized fashion.

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Sanjoy Mukerji
MD, Diagno Labs

That was an adversity. SoftAge converted it into opportunity. Converting adversity into opportunity is something that all very successful companies always do. Always have to do. SoftAge has done it on multiple occasions.

Vivek Naidu
Vice President, Kodak Alaris

I really want to compliment the leadership of SoftAge that they have taken the risk and the enterprise to build their entire organization around DMS. SoftAge also shapes the mainstream business of the organizations they serve with DMS.

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