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In the present scenario, Information Technology (IT) has added the impetus to the services provided by our government. SoftAge’s solutions employ state-of-the-art technologies which help in delivering services with transparency while making optimum utilization of the available resources. These solutions are sustainable, scalable and secure.

Our Projects

Aadhaar enrolments in UIDAI 

The Government of India (GOI) has embarked upon an ambitious initiative to provide a Unique Identification number (UID) to every resident of India and has constituted the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for this. UIDAI was established in February 2009. Its purpose was also to eliminate duplicate and fake identities. By participating as an enrolment agency, SoftAge has become part of a truly historic exercise and is responsible for carrying out the various functions and activities related to UID enrolment such as setting up of Permanent Enrolment Centers (PEC), Aadhaar enrolment, uploading data on the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR), printing Aadhaar cards, undertaking collection of demographic and biometric data for UID enrollment and any other data required by the Registrar for the effective implementation of their projects. SoftAge is currently covering enrolment for Haryana and Bihar region. As on date, we have processed around 1 million Aadhaar enrolments.

uidai process
pancard process
Processing of PAN Application Forms

The GOI’s Income Tax Department (ITD) faced a major challenge when they were unable to meet with the huge demand of Permanent Account Number (PAN). The ITD, through its agents, appointed SoftAge for record management services including capturing photographs, signatures & for the digitization of all data on PAN application forms along with its data entry. SoftAge setup its workflow process for this. Physical and digitized data was then dispatched to and shared with the ITD for issuing of the PAN card. SoftAge deployed over 200 workstations and adequate manpower across its offices working round the clock and processed over 3 million forms in one year ! This bulk processing of the PAN card by Softage led to a dramatic improvement in services for the ITD.


Always have a backup with software that manages bulk scanning, auto-indexing and bulk uploading the documents in an online repository on a daily basis. It’s a perfect solution to your business challenges where managing huge volume of documents is a very time consuming task. It improves efficiency and productivity. It is a highly efficient process that reduces the occurrence of errors and eliminates data redundancy. The solution can be customized as per client requirements.


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Manish Jain l Vodafone
Manish Jain

Thank you so much Yasin ji and the team you are doing a fabulous job. We are working closely with you. And I am sure in the coming years and very soon whenever any organization would talk about e-documentation or documentation, on the top 3 list, SoftAge will always be there. All the best and keep doing well.

Shailesh Upadhyay -2 l Vodafone
Shailesh Upadhyay

I am really happy to see the amount of innovation and the little things that have come up. Rightly said, “it’s about Kaizen; it’s about continuous improvement, it’s not one big bang idea.” It’s about doing the little things every day, every now and then, changing that little thing to make that difference.

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