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Know Your Customer (KYC) Management

SoftAge’s KYC process helps us to manage end-to-end processing of KYC. The process starts with customer’s filling up a KYC form that includes all general information and personal details. The field executive visits the retail outlets collecting these KYC forms and bringing them back for further auditing and two-stage verification process. This ensures 99% accuracy and completely eliminates the possibility of unnecessary delays.


E-KYC ready

Streamlined KYC management

Cost-efficient and time-saving solution

Process as per India Government regulations

Pan India reach (28 states in India as of now)

100% data & document security (ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes)

Data Receiving

SoftAge receives customer data on a web portal every three hours. This data is downloaded in excel format and is made available to circle managers based on the location of customers.

data receiving
tele calling

Once the data is received, tele-calling is initiated by a dedicated call-center team to fix appointments. Leads are allocated to field executives (FE) according to the pin-codes for KYC collection and verification or according to the FE’s current location if allocation is real-time. Real-time allocation is automatically done.

KYC Collection 

FEs visit customers for KYC collection and verification. Customers fill the KYC form. The original Proof Of Identity (POI) and Proof Of Address (POA), along with the KYC form, is scanned by the FE using SoftAge’s m-scanner mobile app and uploaded directly on SoftAge’s servers running our software “Pehchaan” for data entry. The KYC form is signed and stamped by FE as ‘Seen and Verified’.

KYC collection
data entry
Data Entry  

The backend team at SoftAge offices across the country does complete data entry of the KYC form using the scanned images uploaded by the FE on “Pehchaan” software. This drastically reduces the TAT as wait-times are considerably reduced. A Deduplicate (DDup) feature removing duplicates in the data helps to completely eliminate the error during the data entry process.

Document Warehousing 

The original KYC forms are sent to the warehouse for physical storage. KYC forms are barcoded, packed in plastics and stored in cartons. The cartons are further assigned rack numbers for easy tracking. If required, they can be retrieved basis client requirements. They are then re-warehoused in the exact same location.


Redefine KYC with Pehchaan

Pehchaan is a powerful and versatile mobile based application, designed to scan, index and manage your documents. It is a companion that eases and speeds up your document related activities, whether that is document collection, document scanning, task allocation, document tracking and quality check of scanned images or any or all of those. It is a smart software tool that simplifies working with documents by enabling you to map the data as per the location. It is extremely configurable, with many options specific per interface.



Sanjoy Mukerji
MD, Diagno Labs

That was an adversity. SoftAge converted it into opportunity. Converting adversity into opportunity is something that all very successful companies always do. Always have to do. SoftAge has done it on multiple occasions.

Vivek Naidu
Vice President, Kodak Alaris

I really want to compliment the leadership of SoftAge that they have taken the risk and the enterprise to build their entire organization around DMS. SoftAge also shapes the mainstream business of the organizations they serve with DMS.

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